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Join TangerClub for instant savings and member-only benefits with our all-new levels of rewards.

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Example deals
  • $10 OFF $75
    or 10% OFF 1 item
Redeemable points
  • Spend $1, Earn 1 point
Blue membership perks
  • Personalized deals

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Best ValueTangerClub Blue logo

$20 per year

Example deals
  • $15 OFF $75
    or 20% OFF 1 item
Redeemable points
  • Spend $1, Earn 2 points
Gold membership perks
  • Personalized deals
  • Up to $50 in birthday gifts
  • Up to $30 in birthday gifts
  • Bonus deals
  • Extra savings at sales events and early access
Limited-time offers
  • FREE $15 Gift Card*
  • 250 bonus points at sign up

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Gold members
who spend $500+

Example deals
  • $20 OFF $100
    or 20% OFF 2 items
Redeemable points
  • Spend $1, Earn 3 points
Platinum membership perks
  • All Gold member perks plus:
  • Elevated everyday deals
  • Faster bonus offer
  • VIP parking
  • $5 OFF next year's membership

Join TangerClub

It’s the most rewarding way to Tanger

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Go for Gold to unlock more deals and bigger savings

TangerClub Card

Earn redeemable points every time you shop


Redeem your points for more savings and personalized deals


Access your exclusive deals in the all-new Tanger app

Join TangerClub

Go for Gold to access up to $3515 in value with limited-time welcome offers, plus 250 bonus points

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FREE $15 Gift Card

Upgrade to TangerClub gold and get a FREE $15 Gift Card from your choice of a selection of brands.*

Join TangerClub Gold
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Get 20% OFF when
you join TangerClub

Receive 20% OFF a single item at Under Armour, plus 250 points when you upgrade to TangerClub Gold.

Join TangerClub Gold

*Choose your $15 Gift Card from a selection of brands. You will receive your digital gift card 8 – 12 weeks after joining via email. While supplies last. Limited time offer.

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Access your rewards in the Tanger app

You’ll use the Tanger app to log your receipts to earn and redeem points for rewards, access exclusive deals, and more.

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Frequently asked questions


If I was a TangerClub member prior to July 12, 2023 what does this mean for me?


In appreciation of your business and loyalty, we have gifted you one free year of TangerClub Gold ($20 value). This tier will continue to allow you access to additional value from the brands you love.

How long does my subscription last when I join TangerClub Gold?


Your subscription is valid for one year after sign up.

What is TangerClub Platinum?


Members who spend over $500 annually are upgraded into this tier, unlocking our best offers and accelerated TangerClub point accumulation. Platinum members also receive a $5 discount on their annual membership fee.

How do I maintain my TangerClub Platinum status?


Spend $501 per year and you will maintain the unmatched value and perks of this exclusive tier.

How do I earn redeemable points?


Earn points by uploading your receipts from any Tanger purchases through the all-new Tanger App. To begin earning, just tap the "Earn" icon on the app. Ensure your receipt photos are clear and the date, location and total price are legible.

How and where do I redeem my points?


Points unlock Redeemable Points Deals within the all-new Tanger App. These deals indicate the required number of points for redemption in the upper right-hand corner. If additional points are necessary to access a particular deal, a lock symbol will appear along with the message "earn points to unlock this deal." When you're prepared to utilize your redeemable points deal in-store, simply slide to activate it and present the deal code at checkout. The deal code will be revealed for five minutes.

Log in to your TangerClub account online. Don't forget, you have to log your receipts to
see the points on your account.

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