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Tanger is excited to join the Huntsville community!

Tanger is excited to join the Huntsville community! Bridge Street Town Centre is now owned and operated by Tanger, and as part of the Tanger family, our shoppers can expect access to best-in-class stores, events and programs. For information on center hours, events, and a listing of stores, please visit .

Frequently asked questions


Will Bridge Street Town Centre’s name change and when?


Bridge Street Town Centre will remain the center’s name under Tanger’s management and ownership. The center will continue to offer best-in-class stores, events and programs for the community to enjoy.

Can I use my TangerClub membership at this location?


No, TangerClub membership is currently available only at Tanger’s Outlet center locations and may not be used at Bridge Street Town Centre, which is not an outlet shopping center. You may visit for store sales and events at this center.

TangerClub members can still enjoy all of the benefits of membership at our Outlet shopping centers. Visit to learn more about our Outlet locations.

Are there any other loyalty programs or rewards for frequent shoppers at Bridge Street Town Centre?


Please visit for store sales and offers. There are many loyalty programs specific to individual retailers, so please contact those stores directly to learn more.

Can I redeem a Tanger Outlets Gift Card at this center?


No, Tanger Outlets Gift Cards cannot be redeemed at Bridge Street Town Centre. They can be redeemed at any of our participating Outlet center locations.

Can I purchase a Bridge Street Town Centre Gift Card?


As of July 2019, center-wide gift cards are no longer available at Bridge Street Town Centre. We encourage guests to purchase a fee-free gift card option from one of our many individual retailers and restaurants.

Is my previously purchased gift card from Bridge Street Town Centre still valid?


Yes. All gift cards with active funds are still accepted at participating retailers or restaurants at Bridge Street Town Centre. On the back of your gift card, a date is listed after "Card Plastic Valid Thru." Funds do not expire after this date; however, after this date, you'll need to contact gift card customer service at 1.800.985.4316 for a free replacement card.

How do I check my gift card balance for Bridge Street Town Centre gift cards?


Visit or call 1.800.755.0085.

My gift card was lost or stolen. Can you assist?


Please contact Store Financial gift card customer service immediately at 1.800.985.4316. You will need to provide the gift card number and other identification information. If records show there are still available funds remaining on the Gift Card, Store Financial will cancel the original gift card and provide a replacement gift card with a dollar value equal to the available funds on your original gift card at the time you notified them that it was lost or stolen. Store Financial charges a $5 fee to replace lost, stolen or damaged gift cards. Please note: refunds will not be issued for any amount that is debited from your lost, stolen or improperly used gift card prior to the time you notify them. Store Financial does reserve the right to decline the issuance of a replacement card if sufficient information is not provided at the time of the call or based on additional criteria.

I have a gift card for a store at Bridge Street Town Centre; can I still use it?


Tanger's ownership and operation of the center does not impact individual store gift cards. Please contact the individual retailer for more information on use of their store card.

What stores are located in the center?


Bridge Street Town Centre continues to offer 80+ exciting retail brands and restaurants. Please visit for a listing of stores.

Where can I find more information about Tanger and its other shopping centers?


Tanger has many locations throughout the US and Canada. Please visit for more details.

Are there any discounts, promotions, or sales available?


Deals and sales for stores at Bridge Street Town Centre can be found at TangerClub membership is not currently available at Bridge Street Town Centre but is available at Tanger’s outlet shopping centers. Visit to learn more about our outlet locations.

What are the center’s hours?


Please visit for a listing of center hours. Holiday hours and individual store hours may vary.

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